Vaping started for me back in June 2014. Having smoked cigarettes since I was a teenager and tried many times to quit be it cold turkey, gum or patches, it was a vice I just couldn’t shake off. I play a lot of sport, so it was to no end frustrating that I could feel cigarettes were holding back that last 20% of my fitness levels and getting bad chest infections through the winter.

I was working in Dublin city centre at the time and an e-cigarette shop had recently opened up. I decided on my lunch break one day to throw the dice and purchase myself an e-cigarette. Working in an industry where customer service is paramount, I was shocked at the standard of customer service I was met with. I let it known that I knew nothing about e-cigarettes or e-liquid at the time, yet I had to tease the vital information out of the man I was dealing with. He told me to buy certain items without giving me any valuable advice as to why these liquids and device suited my circumstances, on top of being rude the entire way through the encounter.
I left disappointed with my experience at the shop, but was spurred on by my excitement to finally get away and quit tobacco.

I went and set up my device not really knowing what I was doing. I filled up the e-liquid, pressed the button, yet nothing happened. Did I have a faulty device, was I doing something wrong? I was a bit dismayed, but returned the following day to find out what was wrong.

I was met with the same disinterested face form the previous day. “There is nothing wrong with your device” I was bluntly dismissed with. You have to press the button 5 times to unlock the device I was told as if I was a complete idiot. Surely this was essential advice I should have been given at purchase, but no.

After finding out how to actually use the e-cigarette, I left and swore I would never visit that shop again and I didn’t. After experimenting for the next week, I finally went cigarette free for the first week straight since I had been 15 years old. I was delighted with myself, it was down to the e-cigarette I was using and my focus to stay on it. The retailer had only impeded my chances of swapping over.

I continued vaping for two more years after that first purchase of the e-cigarette and e-liquids in Dublin city centre. I got my coils, e-liquids and atomizers either from other more friendly retailers or online. I really enjoyed vaping but at times it just seemed inconvenient. Having to get bits and pieces from everywhere and anywhere, at times that just didn’t really suit.

After a really long and stressful week with work, I was driving home at 7:30pm. Simultaneously I ran out of e-liquid and my coil burned out. Usually I would have a stock at home, but I was just too busy with work to stay on top of it. I checked to see where there was a vape shop near me , but alas they were all closed at that time. I went into a local newsagent, but found the lowest strength they had was 12mg, 4 times higher than what I used. Also the young girl behind the counter had next to no knowledge about e-liquids or e-cigarettes.

Frustrated, I failed myself for the first time in two years and bought a packet of tobacco. When I got home I lit up a cigarette and wretched almost immediately. I forgot just how bad the taste and smell was. I put the cigarette and the packet in the bin and swore never again.

I went to work the next day and spent my whole lunch hour visiting 3 different retailers to find my coil, which none of them had in stock. I had to waste €30 on a new atomizer despite having a perfectly good one with me.
Why again was I finding vaping so inconvenient and constantly asking myself where is there a vape shop near me time after time. Why don’t I have everything I need at all times. Coils, e-liquids, new pyrex . Hold on, why isn’t vaping treated like my phone? I have my phone, I have exact amount of calls and data I need, I’m paying a forecastable amount every month and if something goes wrong, there is someone to help me straight away. This is where the idea from Vapura was born. An all in one solution for your vaping needs and to increase your chances of successfully becoming tobacco free. Not only do you receive your e-liquid and hardware essentials Ireland wide, we are with you 24/7 and do all the hard work and provide all interactive material as to how to use your device and get the the most of your package.

If you are thinking about vaping for the first time or feel that your current vaping requirements just aren’t being fulfilled in the most seamless way possible, check out our range of packages here.

From all the team at Vapura,

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