Golisi Needle 2 Dual Battery Charger


Golisi Needle 2 Dual Battery Charger

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Golisi Needle 2 Dual Battery Charger

The Golisi Needle 2 is a compact and practical mini charger which utilizes a USB power port to charge cylindrical rechargeable batteries of lengths ranging from 32mm to 70mm.

Input: DC 5V /1.0A
Idling Output Voltage: 4.2V
Output current: 0.5A / bay
Protection Mode: Short Circuit Protection; Over-Current Protection; Reverse Connection Protection
Case Material: Fire proof material
Loading spring: Military grade spring
Working Temperature : 0-40 Celsius
Indicator light:
Green: charger standby or battery fully charged
Red: charging
Its military grade loading spring and fireproof case ensure the Needle1 has a long cycle life.

The Needle 2 is perfect for charging just about any Vape Battery including our Samsung 25R

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