We’ve all been there, tempted into trying cheap e-liquid. When you see a bottle of “Summer Fruits” from an unheard of supplier going for only €1.50, you think how bad could it really be. Luckily, most vapers only make this mistake once and rarely make it again. Just like an impossibly cheap bottle of wine, you see yourself taken in by the attractive price tag but pay the true price when taking the first sip and headache the next morning. It just wasn’t worth it.e-liquid

Just like any product, you pay for what you get when it comes to e-liquid. Usually with discount e-liquids you can’t get them in strengths lower than 12mg which is far too high for the average vaper. They typically contain a higher concentration of PG to cut cost, which will give it an overwhelmingly harsh throat feel. The flavourings used will nearly always be of the lowest grade, meaning either dull or downright offensive on the palate. Due to the mass produced nature, cheap e-liquids are done in large batches. The bottle you see might be sitting on a shelf for 2 years before it’s sold. This results in the flavours being either non existent and/or the advertised nicotine strength being heavily depleted over this time, so you don’t really know what quantity you’re taking in.

In saying that, just because you’ve spent €6 on a bottle of e-liquid, doesn’t guarantee it’s going to be amazing. Some producers are just simply better then others in the field.

When we bring in new e-liquids into Vapura, we don’t do cheap. We get samples from all around Europe, test each liquid thoroughly and use a simplified €/quality rating system before we are happy with supplying to our customers.

Nobody in Europe is producing better e-liquids for the price point than Vape Shoreditch right now. Having worked with over 20 different suppliers from all over Europe and Ireland since we first opened, we feel that no other company can match Vape Shoreditch’s calibre. The range is diverse, consistent and always of the highest quality.

Check out their site now to get a feel for what all the fuss is about. At Vapura, we are proud to stock almost all their latest range of juices.

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